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The Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems (CCNS) is a major research Centre within Edinburgh Neuroscience and the School of Biomedical Sciences.  The primary mission of members of the Centre is to conduct research on the neurobiology of cognition and disorders of cognition using state-of-the-art techniques.  Guided by specific hypotheses about the organisation of memory systems and putative mechanisms of cognitive disorder, we use behavioural, pharmacological, physiological and microscopy techniques – in both humans and animals - to address questions about normal cognition and how it breaks down in neurological and psychiatric disease, particularly Alzheimer’s Disease. Our researchers have numerous national and international collaborations.

Brain Prize 2016
The Director of the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems, Professor Richard Morris, is one of three British neuroscientists who have today (1 March) won the world’s most valuable prize for brain research, for their outstanding work on the mechanisms of memory. The other two winners of this year’s prize are Tim Bliss and Graham Collingridge.

Awarded by the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation in Denmark, the Brain Prize is regarded as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for neuroscientists. Worth one million Euros and awarded annually, it recognises one or more scientists who have distinguished themselves by an outstanding contribution to neuroscience.  

Richard Morris said “I am naturally honoured to receive a share of this Prize.  The three of us have worked on one of the “grand challenges” in neuroscience – the fundamental brain mechanisms of learning and memory.  It’s all been made possible through the longstanding support of the MRC, superb facilities in our wonderful small Centre and the University, great colleagues in the lab and, in Edinburgh Neuroscience, one of the finest neuroscience communities in the world.”

Further information is available here.

Richard Morris

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