CCNS is a working research centre with a range of laboratory facilities – ranging from behavioural studies through to microscopy and molecular work.  In keeping with other centres in the College of Medicine, we are happy to discuss making some of these facilities available to other scientists within the University and to collaborators.  Examples of this use include either of the two ‘watermazes’ which has recently been used by groups from Dublin in Ireland, Cardiff in Wales, and by colleagues within the University.

In addition, some aspects of behavioural and electrophysiological software are marketed.  Watermaze © is marketed by Actimetrics in the United States, following a fruitful collaboration with Professor David Ferster.  We also design and make ‘Atlantis Platforms’ for the watermaze and the University of Edinburgh markets some aspects of our temperature control and electrophysiological monitoring software for in vivo and brain slice experiments.

Please contact us at CCNS@ed.ac.uk if there are research issues where we may be able to help.


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