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Public Engagement
Members of CCNS participate in the diverse variety of Public Engagement activities put together and coordinated by Edinburgh Neuroscience.  We see such contributions as an important if small part of the life of a working scientist and are strongly supportive of graduate students, postdocs and others getting involved – in events such as Café Scientifique, the Edinburgh Science Festival, helping out with visits to or from local schools and so on.  These contributions are coordinated by Edinburgh Neuroscience.

CCNS in the Edinburgh International Science Festival
In April 2015, CCNS staff hosted a science festival event welcoming members of the public to tour a working dementia research lab and learn about cutting edge studies.  Alzheimer's Research UK sponsored the event which included a lecture, lab tour, and wine reception.  Feedback on the event was very positive so we hope to host it again next year!

Reaching out via blogs
Tara Spires-Jones from CCNS is a guest blogger on the Digital Sciences Perspectives blog to bring the point of view of scientists to the debate about how best to advance scholarly communications.

CCNS folks engaging school pupils in Linlithgow.....
Linlithgow Bridge Primary School excelled themselves last week with the most stunning entries we have ever seen in the getCONNECTED 'Build-a-Neurone' competition. As a build-up to the arrival of the getCONNECTED workshop last Tuesday the pupils were given a little information about what a neurone looks like and, for their homework, they each built one and brought it to the workshop. We usually pick out the best two and a couple of runners up, but this time we didn't take enough prizes! getCONNECTED introduces pupils to the concept of neurones and chemical transmission through running games and also looks at chemical changes in the brain in adolescence. It always gets 10/10 positive feedback!

Emma Wood, Bryan Jenkins and Antonis Asiminas