Mark van Rossum


Dr. Mark van Rossum
Lecturer (Psychology)
Tel: +44(0) 131 3232





Research Interests
Cognitive neuroscience of memory and ageing
My group’s research focusses on computational modelling of memory and its formation, processing, consolidation and forgetting. I'm interested in this from a computational viewpoint because animal and human memory is often still superior to computers in terms of it rapidness (one-shot learning), flexibility and associative character.

Similarly, a computational approach can highlight research questions of interest to experimentalists.
Many studies are carried out in close collaboration with neuroscientists and psychologists, and cover various levels of description: from the single synapse up to large brain regions.

Key Publications
Barrett, AB, Billings, GO, Morris, RGM and van Rossum, MCW. (2009) State based model of long-term potentiation and synaptic tagging and capture, PLOS Comp Biol 5, e1000259.
O'Donnell, C,  Nolan, MF and van Rossum, MCW. (2011) Dendritic spine dynamics regulate the long-term stability of synaptic plasticity. J Neuroscience 31, 16142.
van Rossum, MCW, Shippi, M and Barrett, AB. (2013) Soft-bound synaptic plasticity outperforms hard-bound plasticity.  PLOS Comp Biol.