Antonis Asiminas


Antonis Asiminas
PhD Student
Wood Lab
Tel: +44(0) 131 650 4353



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Research Interests
The title of my thesis is "Developing rat models of intellectual disabilities and autism for basic and translational research". In this exciting research project, I am currently focussing on a new transgenic rat model of Fragile X Syndrome (FXS). FXS is the most common form of inherited mental retardation, affecting 1 in 4000 males and 1 in 8000 females worldwide. It is an X-linked disorder, which results from the transcriptional silencing of the FMR1 gene, and subsequent loss of the fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). The syndrome is characterized by intellectual disability as well as cognitive and behavioural abnormalities including attention deficits, anxiety, difficulty with social interactions, and hyper-vigilance. The aim of my thesis work is first to investigate the neural basis of the behavioural and cognitive impairments in rats in which the FMR1 gene has been knocked out, and second to investigate the therapeutic potential of candidate treatments in this preclinical model of FXS. This work has potential application not only to the treatment of FXS, but also to other neurodevelopmental disorders

Key Publications
Kottakis F, Befani C, Asiminas A, Kontou M, Koliakos G, Choli-Papadopoulou T. (2009) The C-terminal region of HPNAP activates neutrophils and promotes their adhesion to endothelial cells. Helicobacter, 14(3):177-179.

Funding Sources
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine studentship; The State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), Greece