Kosala Dissanayake


Dr. Kosala Dissanayake
Postdoctoral Associate
Ribchester Lab
Tel: +44(0) 131 651 1884



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E-mail: Kosala.Dissanayake@ed.ac.uk

Research Interests
I work with Prof. Richard Ribchester and Prof. Michael Eddleston. Currently we are trying to understand the mechanisms of underlying failure of neuromuscular synaptic transmission in organophosphorus pesticide toxicity. We use electrophysiological (intracellular recordings, two electrode voltage clamp, patch clamp recording, isometric tension recording) and morphological techniques (immunocytochemistry and histochemistry) to investigate this global health problem. We are also developing novel ex-vivo culture technique to assay neuromuscular toxicity.

Key Publications
Brown R, Hynes-Allen A, Swan AJ, Dissanayake KN, Gillingwater TH and Ribchester RR. (2015) Activity-dependent degeneration of axotomized neuromuscular synapses in Wld S mice. Neuroscience, 290: 300-20.
Brown R, Dissanayake KN, Skehel PA and Ribchester RR. (2014) Endomicroscopy and electromyography of neuromuscular junctions in situ. Ann Clin Transl Neurol., 1: 867-83.
Roche SL, Sherman DL, Dissanayake K, Soucy G, Desmazieres A, Lamont DJ, Peles E, Julien JP, Wishart TM, Ribchester RR, Brophy PJ and Gillingwater TH. (2014) Loss of glial neurofascin155 delays developmental synapse elimination at the neuromuscular junction. J Neurosci. 34: 12904-18.
Clutton RE, Dissanayake K, Lawson H, Simpson K, Thompson A and Eddleston M. (2012) The construction and evaluation of a device for mechanomyography in anaesthetized Göttingen minipigsVet Anaesth Analg. 40: 134-41.  
Eddleston M, Street JM, Self I, Thompson A, King T, Williams N, Naredo G, Dissanayake K, Yu LM, Worek F, John H, Smith S, Thiermann H, Harris JB,  and Eddie Clutton R. (2012) A role for solvents in the toxicity of agricultural organophosphorus pesticides. Toxicology, 294: 94-103.

Funding Sources
Medical Research Council