Andrea Moreno


Andrea Moreno
PhD Student
Morris Lab
Tel: +44(0) 131 650 4353



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Research Interests
The focus of my research is disentangling the functional and neural mechanisms of CA1 hippocampal connections. My PhD project include magnetic resonance imaging studies in combination with electrical stimulation and electrophysiological recordings in the hippocampus, looking at the effects of LTP in CA1; I am actually focused on the study of EPSP-to-PS potentiation in contralateral CA1. I’m also interested in duplicating synaptic-tagging findings on an MRI environment.

Key Publications
Álvarez-Salvado, E, Pallarés V, Moreno, A and Canals, S. (2013) Functional MRI of long-term potentiation: imaging network plasticity. Phil Trans R Soc B  369: 20130-152
Moreno, A
, Jego, P, de la Cruz, F and Canals, S. (2013) Neurophysiological, metabolic and cellular compartments that drive neurovascular coupling and neuroimaging signals. Front. Neuroenergetics 5:3.

Funding Sources
Feb 2012- June 2013   CSIC (Spanish Centre for Scientific Research) Project-Associated contract;
Sep 2013- Sep 2016   University of Edinburgh CMVM PhD Studentship.