Eleanor Pickett


Eleanor Pickett
PhD Student
Spires-Jones Lab
Tel: +44(0) 131 650 6940



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E-mail: E.K.Pickett@sms.ed.ac.uk

Research Interests
The focus of my research is on the mechanisms of tau-induced synapse loss in Alzhiemer’s Disease. It is known that synaptic loss is the strongest pathological correlate of dementia in Alzheimer’s Disease and changes in tau protein have been implicated in this process. Working in the laboratory of Dr. Tara Spires-Jones my PhD research will use the novel imaging technique, array tomography, to further understand the role tau plays in synaptic loss early in the disease process. I am interested in whether altered mitochondrial presence in synapses is associated with synaptic loss and whether therapeutic efforts to reduce tau will ameliorate this deficit.



Funding Sources
Alzheimer's Society