Programme Outline

Each student has a principal supervisor, normally the student’s research group leader, and a second (advisory) supervisor, sometimes from another University Department, who has appropriate independent expertise in the student’s project area. The principal supervisor is responsible for day-to-day supervision and research training. Training is provided on-site for all required techniques. The first year of a PhD studentship is probationary and further progress is dependent on satisfactory progress with experimental work and written reports.

PhD Thesis Committee
Research and training progress of individual students is actively monitored and assessed by a personal Thesis Committee comprising the two supervisors and a third member of academic staff who chairs the committee. This Committee meets with the student at regular intervals, particularly during the first year, and provides advice and guidance where required. In the final year the Committee assists with scheduling of thesis preparation.

Procedures for Postgraduate Students in cCNS
CCNS is part of the the School of Biomedical Sciences and procedures for postgraduate students are outlined in detail on the School of Biomedical Sciences website. Full details are given of the requirements from both students and supervisors for each year of the project. Further details are available on the University of Edinburgh website (Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students) and on the College of Medicine and Veterinary website.

Structured Post-Graduate Activities
In addition to their personal project work and literature reviews, students are expected to participate in the following activities: