"Food for Thought" Seminars (Second Wednesday of the month 4-5 pm)

We have a monthly seminar series at CCNS for postdocs and PhD students to present their work to the Centre.  This serves to keep all of the members of CCNS up-to-date with what is going on in the groups, allows everyone in the building to get to know one another, and is good practice for postdocs and postgrads to present their work in a friendly, informal setting.  Presenting at least one seminar is mandatory for all postdocs and postgrads.  Presentations should be less than half an hour long with plenty of time for discussion.  Pizza and beer is provided.  To sign yourself up or “volunteer” a presenter, please contact Iris Oren (Iris.Oren@ed.ac.uk).

Daisy Arkell Hardt PhD Student
11 November 2015
Lisa Genzel Morris Fellow 9 December 2015
Adrian Duszkiewicz Morris Postdoc 6 January 2016
Antonis Asiminas Wood PhD Student 3 16 March 2016
Keir Shaffick-Richardson Oren PhD Student 3 20 April 2016
Chris Henstridge Spires-Jones Postdoc 11 May 2016
Rosalind Brown Oren Postdoc 8 June 2016
Tizzy Allison Wood Postdoc 13 July 2016
SUMMER NO F4T     10 August 2016
Abi Herrmann Spires-Jones Postdoc 14 September 2016
Tomonori Takeuchi Morris Postdoc 12 October 2016
Eleanor Pickett Spires-Jones PhD Student 2 9 November 2016
Daisy Arkell Hardt PhD Student 2 14 December 2016
Rosie Jackson Spires-Jones PhD Student 2 11 January 2017