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The Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems (CCNS) is a major research Centre within Edinburgh Neuroscience and the School of Biomedical Sciences.  The primary mission of members of the Centre is to conduct research on the neurobiology of cognition and disorders of cognition using state-of-the-art techniques.  Guided by specific hypotheses about the organisation of memory systems and putative mechanisms of cognitive disorder, we use behavioural, pharmacological, physiological and microscopy techniques – in both humans and animals - to address questions about normal cognition and how it breaks down in neurological and psychiatric disease, particularly Alzheimer’s Disease. Our researchers have numerous national and international collaborations.


Dr Tara Spires-Jones was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Inside Science programme (1 December 2016) explaining what happens in the brain of Alzheimer's Disease patients. You can listen to the interview here.

Prof Richard Morris, Brain Prize winner and founding director of CCNS talking on "Brainwaves" on BBC Scotland. You can listen to the interview here.